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Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:15 am by PolarBear

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Post  PolarBear Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:40 pm

Chapter 1:
The DSE went on an oporation to explore the Outer World systems (known as "Upper Unknown"). The Order did not allow theme to pass there, but they didn't give up. From an unknown reason, they desided to ally. The DSE designed a special new ship which is made to survive in Nomad space. The best researchers known in Sirius were chosen to lead the project: Sinchlair and Quintain. Also, the bravest fighters were chosen to defend: Our heros - Trent and Juni. Orilion and his assault group ensisted to join the rersearch patrol. Research stations were built in the discovered 3 systems called Epsilon. When the patrol was researching the Epsilon Gamma system, they found strange readings on the other side of the system. Nomads started attacking theme. They were defending a jump gate. Suddnely a starnge ship uncloaked and killed all the Nomad ships. It was real, a REAL LIVING Daam-K'Vosh (Not sure if it was a remote-controlled vessel or another crazy thing). It told theme with a whispering voice to enter the gate. Then, they saw the amazing sight of the Hypergate.

Chapter 2:
After this they were gone. Nobody heared of them for about a year after the report date. (Just to mantion, The Order knew everything about it). In this time, more defence vessels were sent there to explore, but fortunately, the Nomads grew up, and came with new unidentified vessels that were never seen. In this place The Order came in, and offered help for a critical price: Becoming a lawful corporation, and even a Colony in the Sirius sector! The DSE had no choise. They got premissions from the original colonies because the Knowledge is worth more. Rheinland did not agree because of classified reasons. The Order were finally able to create their own vessels. They sent Battleships to the Epsilon systems and helped to defeat the Nomads by donating Nomad tech to the DSE. They found some systems, 3 or so, but the best thing was the discovery of the Daam-K'Vosh Hypergate. They couldn't open it because they couldn't solve the riddle of the opening code.
Trent and his team weren't seen ever since.
After this all, The Order members created a corporation to export their technology (souch as Cloak device) to the universe: OrEx - Order Exports.
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