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WARNING: "Download" botton Advertisement!

Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:15 am by PolarBear

We've noticed recently that there is an advertisement which uses a "Download" botton.
Don't be confused! Use only the botton under the headline (inside the table)!!

The Administration group.

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The Starport

***Every player must obey the basic rules!***

No exceptions. A player who doesn't obey the rules will be banned.


Basic Rules:


1. NO CHEATING(installing other mods over this one)/HACKING/PROGRAM USAGE(FLHack and so).


2. A player must not attack another player with no reason.

(2.a)Also, a player must announce the attack.

An attack will be reasonable if:

◄The attacker is a member of a lawful faction and the attacked player is a member of an unlawful faction (or the opposite).

◄The attacker is a citizen (a member of a house corporation) or working for the authorities (Police or Military) of the enemy house of the attacked player (or the opposite).

◄The attacker was hired or commanded by his employer to attack the other player.

◄Both the players agreed to PvP (must be in a neutral place or in Olympic system).


3. Players who don't follow the RP rules (Freelancers), must not use deep-faction ships (DFS).

Deep-faction ship classes are:

◄House VHFs, Scouts, Bombers, Cruisers/Destroyers, Battleships/Dreadnaughts.

◄Factional/Guild HFs, VHFs, Adv. LFs, Bombers, Frigates.


RP Rules: Not obligatory, Freelancers don't have to follow this.


1. The player should speak inside his ship class's role (not obligatory). Player owning a multi-person role-talk ship class doesn't have to play the ship's crew role. There is no punishment.

The role-talk depends on the ship's class:

◄A fighter (and scout) class role-talk depends on the faction. S fighter class role-talk doesn't incluse a crew role-playing.

◄A bomber class role-talk must include a role-playing of 2 people, since the bomber crew contains 2 people: The pilot and the Omni-man (who announces about problems in the ship and navigational alerts).

◄A freighter role-talk depends on the freighter type: Light freighters (souch as house-related, Borderworlds, Pirate and single-faction freighters) are a single-person role. Heavy freighters (souch as corporal [Imported from Homeworld] freighters and Civilian freighter [Pelican]) are multi-person roles. Those must include a role of at least 2 people.

◄A gunboat role-talk (including Small Weapon Platform) is a multi-person role. A gunboat crew must include at least 3 people: A captain, An engineer, and a Navigator.

◄A cruiser role-talk (including [Large] Weapon Platform) is a multi-person role. A cruiser crew must include at least 5 people (can be also 3): A captain, 2 Engineers and 2 Navigators.

◄A battleship/dreadnought role-talk is a multi-person role. A battleship crew must include at least 7 people (can be also 4): An Admiral, a Co-Admiral, 2 Engineers, 2 Navigators and 1 Bartender. The player may also add roles of Equipment Dealer and Commodity Trader.


2. Every player must develop his in-game characters.

That means a player has to create the history of his character, and develop it further within the events happening in-game (elaboration in the box). The history should be based on the log entry (the player gets when creating a character) and the time before the magnetic storm in Sirius.

Events that influence the character's development:

◄Gaining reputation with player-factions due to killing the players who work for that faction, succeeding or failing a job given by the faction, or killing members of a hostile faction.

◄Gaining reputation with specific players due to attacks, insults, compliments or help.