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WARNING: "Download" botton Advertisement!

Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:15 am by PolarBear

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The Timeline - sum of the years.

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The Timeline - sum of the years.

Post  PolarBear on Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:03 pm

790 - Corsairs start collecting resources
801 - The original storyline ends.
803 - The DSE decides to explore the Epsilon sector (The new storyline starts).
805 - Battleship Mississippi's decommission; its turned into a museum.
805¼ - Discovery of Ontario system. The Bretonia's biggest exploration of the last 10 years.
806 - Battleship Myoko's decommissioning.
807 - The Corsair Empire: they're starting to conquer in order to become the Hispania. Rheinland and Bretonia are shocked and try to hold them back with a failure.
808 - Liberty and Bretonia declear union after the war for Ontario. After tough stuggle, they decided that together they will run a better empire!
809 - The Corsair Empire era ends: The Hispania colony is now existing. After an amazingly short war, Rheinland and Bretonia are ashamed for a loss.
809½ - Rheinland declear alliance with Hispania. "If you can't beat them, join them". Hispania are excited for their first alliance, and agree claiming that a weak enemy might be a strong ally.
811 - Victory colony revealed: An old Coalition sleeper ship was found, and trails led to the ruins of Sol. The Coalition was still alive. Liberty comments: "Never forgive, never forget! We will not accept their apology for what they've done to us!" Bretonia agrees and being a racist calling them "Russian scum".
812 - An electro-magnetic storm hits the Sirius sector. Aithorities recommand to the people to stay under a slumber for the following year until the storm passes. Slumber chambers were given to the civilians and others. Scientists developed a special suit to go out and investigate the storm.
813 - The storm passed and people woke up. (This is the time when the Multiplayer starts.)
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